• Workshops are optional. Working as a team, pulling it all together. These sessions hone in on communication, motivation and inspiration.

  • One-to-One mentoring sessions may be held on or off premise. All other forms of mentoring are usually held on premise.

  • On request. Please contact us for a free no-obligation chat.

  • Our mentors hold an impressive array of degrees, PHD’s and qualifications as well as coaching and training. All our mentors are full members of the Association of Business Mentors and have been through the stringent process to become one.


Various studies from the professional marketplace have unearthed the following statistics:

Efficient matching provides an extremely cost effective way to transfer hard earned competencies from one person to another, build skills, access  valuable networks,  and increases employee productivity and retention (ABM)

Professional mentoring programs are an effective strategy to reward high potentials with personal attention and guidance, which leads to nurturing an organization’s leadership chain (CHRONUS 2016)


higher RETENTION of employees who have engaged in a company mentoring program (Deloitte Research Brief 2012)


 of Fortune 500 companies offer mentoring programs to their employees (CHRONUS)


of young managers cite mentoring as important, only 28% of their employers provide mentoring opportunities (HBR)


of managers want to develop their coaching and mentoring skills (CMI)



Mentoring provides the ability of your employees to tap into amassed company knowledge via internal mentoring schemes


Is accelerated via mentoring making direct impacts to the firms bottom line



Our mentors have been successful leaders running and growing businesses or large departments. They have outstanding people, leadership and communication skills. Effective mentoring utilises these skills resulting in time efficiencies, higher levels of productivity and respect providing the ability to manage upwards as well as a team. Mentoring has a two pronged attack – mindset and practicality.


Recent (December 2017) feedback from a mentoring pilot in a top London Law Firm:

– Confidential environment for discussion 

– Informal tapping into experience and hindsight

– Clarity on roles, profile and potential progression through the form


of participants found the mentoring worthwhile and want to continue


of the mentors found mentoring satisfying


of the mentees found value was provided

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