Mentor and mentee skills training and support

Research shows that the retention of employees who have engaged in a company mentoring programme has increased up to 90%. 

Results are, happy productive people.

Design, training and support

Sinclair Dorman designs and implements bespoke mentoring initiatives for organisations of all sizes. 

We provide an ongoing support programme for mentors and mentees.

The bespoke initiatives and ongoing support guarantee structure, value and a return on time and cost.

An introduction to Sinclair Dorman

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Our software partnership

We’ve partnered with Art of Mentoring to offer their market-leading mentoring software to our clients.


Why we are unique

We at Sinclair Dorman are unique because of our matching process which means your team can immediately reap the benefits of highly effective mentoring.

All our mentors are full members of The Association of Business Mentors (founded by Sinclair Dorman’s Head Mentor, Kerrie Dorman) and have achieved elite levels of education. We follow a framework that looks at cognitive and practical abilities of each individual mentee.

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