Create happy, productive people through mentoring

Secure fewer turnarounds and new efficiencies for your business.

Our corporate mentoring initiatives

Sinclair Dorman designs and implements mentoring initiatives using internal and external schemes. Learn how to achieve greater company efficiencies with happier, more productive people.

We offer two core types of mentoring schemes.

External mentoring

We match your team member with a mentor from a select group chosen for their powerful mix of industry experience together with mentoring skills, coach training and consultancy background. Our Mentors can dip into all three disciplines. Matching takes into consideration specialist skill sets and personalities. Mismatching rarely happens. When it does a rematch is made as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Session frequency depends on the individual requirement and progress made. Workshops tie in the work done, if necessary with the all mentees and reinforces communication, motivation to work together as well managing upwards and with direct reports.

Internal mentoring

Tap into the expertise within your company. We work with human resources departments to setup, refine, motivate or provide training to existing schemes. After an initial exploration and assessing interest our process is:

Train • Match • Monitor

We provide a manual, tools and templates including session notes and basic techniques. We use software to compile all our resources and make them accessible to all.

Why we are unique

We at Sinclair Dorman are unique because of our matching process which means your team can immediately reap the benefits of highly effective mentoring. All our mentors are full members of The Association of Business Mentors and have achieved elite levels of education. We follow a framework that looks at cognitive and practical abilities of each individual mentee.

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