External mentoring

Sinclair Dorman works with Medium, Large and Corporate Organisations using a select group of mentors chosen for their powerful mix of Industry experience together with Mentoring skills and Coach training. These Mentors are all full members of the Association of Business Mentors and have been through the stringent process to become one.

How does it work

We match your team member with a mentor from a select group chosen for their powerful mix of industry experience together with mentoring skills, coach training and consultancy background. Our Mentors can dip into all three disciplines. Matching takes into consideration specialist skill sets and personalities. Mismatching rarely happens. When it does a rematch is made as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Session frequency depends on the individual requirement and progress made. Workshops tie in the work done, if necessary with the all mentees and reinforces communication, motivation to work together as well managing upwards and with direct reports.

#1 Match

Matching is carried out by our founder, Kerrie Dorman. Initial sessions flush out actual areas for support, personality and mind-set.

#2 Mentor

Mentoring once per month for three months, followed by progress review and further mentoring. Should be open to all levels of personnel.

#3 Monitor

Monitoring of progress and further coordination with the mentor team and HR to maintain communication feedback in all directions.

Example A

Post a flurry of promotions due to high growth the HR Director of this company wanted the new directors to be more proficient at working at director level and reporting into the board. Communication was not efficient across the top line of management and  leadership skills needed to be refined managing downward.

Solution: Every one of the promoted leadership team required a different mentor as skills differed greatly as did personalities. All started with monthly sessions and have maintained this frequency six months into the scheme.

Confidence levels have risen and importantly a few ego’s checked allowing calm effective communication

Example B

Exploration of a mentoring scheme using three separate skill sets from outside mentors to offer a drop in type arrangement. Directors wanted all levels of the team from administration to board level to have access to mentoring.

Solution: Monthly Mentor visit from three different Mentors on rotation covering: Financial Reporting & Budgets, General mentoring for Motivation & Organisation, and Marketing, Pitching & Sales. Team members could see any or all three.

Motivation has increased dramatically and this scheme remains ongoing introducing a further skill set.

Ready to explore how external mentoring could work for your business?