Ongoing support

Consistent, invaluable support in short sharp bursts. We keep it fresh and boost your momentum.

What it costs

Just £25 per person, per month (plus VAT)

Changeable per team member. There’s no fixed term.

What's included

You can either choose to join the nationwide team for your sessions or have your own private company group.

Three weekly corporate mentor and mentee motivation (separate)

  • 15 -20 minutes
  • Hot topics and monthly top tips
  • Share frustrations and jubilations

Monthly skills webinars

  • 20-30 minutes
  • Guest expert on mentor and coaching skills
  • Invigorating questioning for mentors and mentees

Monthly branded company mentoring community communications/news

  • Fresh statistics

  • A story to learn from

  • From the mentees mouth – feedback on what is working

Unlimited access to Kerrie Dorman and the team

  • Phone calls

  • Text messaging

Ready to make a start?