Feedback from our mentors and mentees

Commenting on her experience as an executive mentor, Jane Hamilton said:

I find working with Mentees enormously satisfying and enjoyable. It’s great to be able to use my executive and non-executive experience to help an executive find the answer to a challenge that is already there but just not yet clear to the them – travelling with them on their journey – helping to remove blockages and find their best and strongest selves.

Commenting on the impact of Sinclair Dorman’s mentoring support on her career, one mentee said:

My mentoring sessions have generally been a great sounding board for me and have given me the tools to tackle a variety of issues as I progress within the firm.  More specifically, mentoring has given me the confidence to believe in my abilities and challenge myself. I have achieved so much over the last year and would like to thank my mentors for their continued support along the way.

Commenting on the impact of being a mentor, one mentor said:

I get a great deal of pleasure in talking to my mentees as well as learning a lot from them. It is nice to see some of the suggestions put into practice. It is also reassuring to see that the new generation remains positive in an uncertain world.

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