Why training? It is a remarkably different skill being a successful business person or professional to being an effective business mentor. Training actually increases the possibility of effective mentoring by up to 80%!

How does it work

Our training is totally bespoke to work around your needs and requirements. Start from scratch or fill in the gaps. First steps? Get in contact for an initial conversation and to talk through your next steps

#1 Fundamentals

History of mentoring, classic do’s and dont’s, mentoring structure, basic tools, role play, reviews

#2 Advanced

Amalgamation of coaching and mentoring, what is what, and when to use each. Exploring the different scenarios, mentoring a team, working as a syndicate, role play

#3 Elite

Really achieving those required results. Working at any level, breaking your own boundaries and building your reputation, the importance of supervision, role play

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Become a Sinclair Dorman mentor

Become a FULL approved member of the Association of Business Mentors. Complete two ‘framework’ training sessions with our founder, Kerrie Dorman. Have the Sinclair Dorman Mentor manner!

All mentors and mentees on the scheme will receive a complimentary copy of The Mentoring Manual by Julie Starr