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Our aim, game and mission is to remain the provider of the highest quality mentoring services to all our clients and the opportunities beyond. Making a marked difference to your team, culture and productivity.


Our head mentor and pioneer

As founder of the Association of Business Mentors and voted 2019 ‘People’s mentoring champion’ at the National Mentoring Awards, Kerrie Dorman is one of the UK’s leading professionals in business mentoring and coaching.

Our Executive Mentors have held (and currently hold) positions that include:

  • Managing Director, Jaguar Cars UK
  • CFO, Ford Motor North America
  • Global Head of Corporate Real Estate, ANZ
  • European Head of Corporate Real Estate, HSBC
  • Non-Executive Director, Government Property Agency
  • Deputy Chief Executive, Which?
  • Non-Executive Director, Financial Services Compensation Scheme
  • CEO, Jarvis Group Construction Ltd
  • Owner of Blue Sky Performance Improvement. Sold to Capita.
  • Founder of Flexible Directors Ltd
  • The King of Sales Peak Performance

We made and currently make a difference to

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